Welcome to my world.

A quick snippet from my world. I started triathlons when i was 12 in the northwest of W.A and never have looked back. The bikes and gear were pretty simple back then but it was great fun. Now the gear is a bit more high tech but just as much fun. In February 2010, I took the next step in my racing and full filled a small childhood dream of mine, I gained endorsment as a pro triathlete. Now the fun really begins and the training intensifies 10 fold.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Not what you want

This is not exactly the best race preparation. Going for a ride with the group on a Saturday morning and then you have a crash. Not the way to I would have picked to start a morning.
To the left is the after effects of the crash, two busted spokes, hole in my saddle, gear levers bent inwards and a hole in a cover, scratch in the frame and on the rear drailluer and a knock on my sore knee just to top things off.
Below is a picture from an ultrasound showing the damage I did in the Newcastle race with a bit of extra swelling from the for mentioned crash.
Happy training