Welcome to my world.

A quick snippet from my world. I started triathlons when i was 12 in the northwest of W.A and never have looked back. The bikes and gear were pretty simple back then but it was great fun. Now the gear is a bit more high tech but just as much fun. In February 2010, I took the next step in my racing and full filled a small childhood dream of mine, I gained endorsment as a pro triathlete. Now the fun really begins and the training intensifies 10 fold.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Weights workout for the week - not for the faint of heart

This is a really good weight session for cyclist, to be build strength and endurance. Its a 6 week cycle, if you haven't been doing weights long, keep the weights fairly light for a bit, you'll still get a cracking session out of it.
Weight - 30-40% one rep max(1rm)
Sets per session - 3 Rest between sets - 1min rest(m/r)
Exercises - squats, seated leg curl, seated calf raise (for a quick upper body workout in conjunction with the legs you can add in seated row and upright row)
Remembering its a 6 week cycle - here is the set

2 weeks 30%1rm for 4min NON STOP, 2m/r
2 weeks 30%1rm for 7min NON STOP 2m/r
2 weeks 30%1rm for 10min NON STOP 2m/r

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Something unexpected

The Newcastle olympic triathlon was an uxexpectedly enjoyable race. The swim was a straight 1500m down to a beach near the break water. The race was supposed to start at 0630, but due to the sun not playing the game (someone didn't check sunup time) we had to till 0700, which kinda sucked as it was a no wetsuit swim and it wasn't real warm standing around waiting. Once underway it was a fast swim, with the tide on its way out, the 2 leaders were about 1minute in front of our pack - which was about 20 strong - we came out of the water in a shade under 19minutes which was sweet and a good way to start a race.

The bike course was quite tough, 5 laps, with 2 climbs in each lap. The first climb was the hardest, upto the lookout and around the park with a fast desecnt back down to the water front then back up a quick rise and around the fort. The ride was pretty busy being on a tight course which made for fun times. With a small pack of 2, we were able to work well totgether and catch the lead back on the second to last lap, which put us in the thick of it for the run leg.

And thats where it all came unstuck for me. The run course was a flat fast course, with a bit of cross country in the mix to make it interesting. Out of transition i was 5th overall and was feeling pretty good for once. Then on the start of the second and last lap my leg/knee started to tighten up and didn't let up at all. During which i lost 5 places and the finish wasn't pretty at all. I ended up finishing 10th overall, 3rd in my age group (30-34). The Australian Defence Sports Triathlon Assoc. (ADSTA) were holding their National Titles in conjuction with where i took out firsr place.

A few weeks later the Navy News came out with the above picture on the back page, not what i was expecting at all.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My first race as a pro

Didn't exactly go according to plan. The format for the race was an eliminator, which meant 3 races of the same distance 300/8/2. In the first race 16 people get knocked out, in the second race 8 people get knocked out and then its on for Young and old to win the race and the loot.

The swim was a smash fest, from the gun there was arms and legs going everywhere. I think i swallowed more water than taking breaths. I came out of the water just behind the leaders which i was happy with. The ride was a nice short dogs leg, with 2 180deg turns and a nice high speed corner in the middle. the pace was no higher than training but with all the extra salt water on board the body decided to shut down which made for a hard ride. i managed to hold the lead group for 2 laps and then got dropped. I made it back on to the back 3 more times by then the damage was done - i was knackered. i got popped off the back and rolled home. The run was on the same course, 2 times. nothing exciting happened there, i didn't loose a place and i didn't gain one.

I finished 24th out of 30, which meant i was out of the next race, which kinda sucked but that's racing. I then turned my attention to the long course race the next day.