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A quick snippet from my world. I started triathlons when i was 12 in the northwest of W.A and never have looked back. The bikes and gear were pretty simple back then but it was great fun. Now the gear is a bit more high tech but just as much fun. In February 2010, I took the next step in my racing and full filled a small childhood dream of mine, I gained endorsment as a pro triathlete. Now the fun really begins and the training intensifies 10 fold.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Long Road to recovery

My name is Andrew and I'm an addict - I love to race and its killing me not be able to.
Unfortunately the worst part of being injured is the temptation to race, thinking she'll be right, I'll go slow. As if that happens. It has been close to 2 months since i tore my quad at the Newcastle tri and I'm only just getting to the point where i can run for 30min with no pain, it's not fast mind, but its something.

This is where the problems start. Because racing is such a big part of a triathletes life and training program, its really hard not to race when you think you are right. I'm at that point now, where I could race but I would more damage than good.

The best piece of advise I could give to anyone who is the same boat - take the time off to relax and let your injury heal. From most injuries there is no quick fix and you need to let it heal. But there are a few things you can do to help the process. Such as:
1. Before you go to bed, put some EMUL GEL on the affected area and wrap it with glad wrap, then wrap it with a bandage or the like (to keep the heat in). This helps the healing while you sleep.
2. Self massage. You should self massage the area every night, while you watch TV.
3. Physio roller. This is a great way to roll out the problems and is commonly known as the poor mans massage.
4. TENS electric therapy. Helps to relieve pain, increase the blood supply to the area and speed the rate of healing. In the later stages, it can be used to re-strengthen the affected muscle.

The last part and the most important part is to TAKE YOUR TIME, let the treatment run its course and don't rush back into a race just because. You can always do the race next year.